he history of the Company, which is based in Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan) and is headed by Giorgio Stamerra and Paola Volponi, dates back almost thirty years: Giorgio Stamerra, after having gained a diploma as a fashion designer and stylist at the “Secoli” Institute in Como, began his career at his family’s business, a small leather goods factory run by his father.

Thanks to the ever increasing success of the business, Giorgio and Paola Stamerra founded Stamerra, a Brand that now occupies an area of 1,700 square metres and makes thousands of accessories on a daily basis. The Company’s sales are constantly on the up, not least because of the markets targeted by it: from Europe, onwards through Russia and further afield, to the Far East, where the handmade quality and exquisite design of Stamerra’s accessories are highly valued, especially in Japan and neighbouring countries.

Stamerra’s accessories are particularly prized because of the know-how behind the production process, with infinite attention paid to the selection and treatment of the materials. The leathers, which are always of the very best quality, are sourced from the most important tanneries. Stamerra is indeed a “100% Made in Italy” Brand. The entire design and production phases are carried out in-house by means of a meticulous and precise process.

These techniques are a typically Italian tradition that is handed down from father to son. This is why the Company invests so much in the training of its workers. And the results are outstanding.